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CAOB 2024Workshops

Workshop - Processing of structural data in open source software

Python is an easy-to-learn, highly versatile language, which is also free and open source. It is used throughout the geosciences community for various applications, from automated data processing and high-level data analysis to creating software that automates tasks and analyses datasets. During the first part of the workshop, we will explore how Python can be used to process and analyze structural data including the basics of quantitative deformation analyses. The high availability of satellite and aerial images is changing the role remote sensing plays in understanding our world, so during the second part of the workshop we will explore how Python can be used to process and analyze remote sensing data with a focus on geological and structural mapping.

Workshop - Interpretation of WR geochemical data using GCDKit

Statistical evaluation, recalculation, plotting and interpretation of whole-rock geochemical and mineral data from igneous and metamorphic rocks can be complicated and tedious, a task that can be however simplified by potent, freely available software tools. This hands-on workshop introduces the GCDkit and GCDkit.Mineral packages, written in the popular R statistical language. While the former package became an established standard used by many colleagues worldwide (Janoušek et al. 2006 J. Petrol., Janoušek et al. 2016 Springer monograph –, the latter represents a brand new addition to the GCDkit family of tools (Janoušek et al. in print Amer. Miner. –  

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