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A Short Story About The Website

To enhance motivation and support knowledge of the students, geologists, and young scientists in Earth Sciences in Mongolia, the Mongolian Plate Tectonics Studies Groups (MPTG) website was originally founded as a page on Facebook in 2017 by Turbold Sukhbaatar. The MPTG page was continuously developed by publishing an official and non-profit website in 2021. Based on our interest in geoscience, the contributors and members started to join and form a team of the MPTG in February 2022.

About The Members

The members of the MPTG are split into different roles with distinct names as contributors, lecturers, honorary members, advisory members, collaborators, and active members. Each member has their own role for the MPTG. The contribution of the members is the secret to our little success. Each of our members is astonishing in their own right, but together they are what makes MPTG such a responsible and rewarding team. The members are unique individuals who are united based on interests in geosciences and consist of highly respected professors and talented and young geoscientists. We are very proud of each of our members. 

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Beauty of Mongolian Landscape


Welcome to MPTG. Discover the fascinating world of plate tectonics and its impact on the Mongolian landscape. Our mission is to educate and inspire visitors about the geological wonders of Mongolia. Join us on a journey through time and explore the forces that have shaped our planet. Immerse yourself in captivating exhibits, interactive displays, and engaging educational programs. Whether you are a student, a geology enthusiast, or simply curious about the Earth's dynamic nature, MPTG has something for everyone. Come and experience the wonders of Mongolian plate tectonics today!

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