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Dr. Batmagnai Erdenechimeg (Ph.D.)

Geophysicist at Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zurich

In general, my research interest focuses on probing the electrical conductivity distribution of the subsurface based on the "Deep Electromagnetic method". I am currently exploring the nature of the intermediate-temperature geothermal reservoir in a non-volcanic region like Mongolia. The magnetotelluric MT method determines the electrical conductivity distribution of the subsurface of the Earth, one of the commonly used techniques for geothermal exploration. With MT and existing geological maps and geochemical analyses, I am trying to construct a geothermal conceptual model to build a combined heat plant. The previous studies were focused on deploying the MT method and its data processing and modelling. I was a member of the research group which studied the deep structure of central Mongolia based on the MT method.

Skills and expertise

  • Environmental Geology

  • Geophysics

  • Geochemistry

First language

  • Mongolian

Speak languages

  • English

  • German

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Enkhzul B, Batmagnai E, Tserendug Sh, Bayanjargal G, “Investigation of the electrical resistivity structure of the subsurface at Mogod valley in central Mongolia: Insight is using 1D Magnetotelluric inversion”, Mongolian Geoscientist 27 (54), (2022).   

Comeau, M.J.  Becken, M.  Kuvshinov, A.V. Demberel, S. Batmagnai, E. Tserendug, S. The Bayankhongor Metal Belt (Mongolia): Constraints on Crustal Architecture and Implications for Mineral Emplacement from 3-D Electrical Resistivity Models. Environ. Sci. Proc. 2021, 6, 32.

Enkhzul B, Batmagnai E. “1-D MT Inversion using by deterministic inversion technique”, Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics, IAG, MAS (2021).

Enkhzul B, Tserendug Sh, Batmagnai E. “MT signal processing and Modeling: implementation for LEMI-423 MT stations, Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics (2021), IAG, MAS.

Boldbaatar G, Batmagnai E, Nomin-Erdene E, Batsaikhan Ts. “Seismic investigation onto detect shallow-depth faults: comparison 2-D inversion and migrations”, Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics, IAG, MAS (2021).

J S Käufl, A V Grayver, M J Comeau, A V Kuvshinov, M Becken, J Kamm, E Batmagnai, S Demberel, “Magnetotelluric multiscale 3-D inversion reveals crustal and upper mantle structure beneath the Hangai and Gobi-Altai region in Mongolia”Geophysical Journal International,

Comeau MJ, Becken M, Käufl JS, Grayver AV, Kuvshinov AV, Tserendug S, Batmagnai E, Demberel S. “Evidence for terrane boundaries and suture zones across Southern Mongolia detected with a 2-dimensional magnetotelluric transect”. Earth, Planets and Space. (2020) Dec; 72(1):1-3.

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Nasan-Ochir T, Tserendug Sh, Bayanjargal G, Batmagnai E, Gantsogt S. “Determining the azimuth of true north based on the solar measurements.” Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics (2021), IAG, MAS, Volume 7, Pages 69-74.

Batmagnai, E., et al. "A pilot geomagnetic and magnetotelluric survey in Mogod area of the Eastern Hangai, MongoliaProceedings of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (2019): 71-81.

Comeau, M.J. J.S. Käufl, M. Becken, A. Kuvshinov, A.V. Grayver, J. Kamm, S. Demberel, U. Sukhbaatar, Batmagnai E., “Evidence for fluid and melt generation in response to an asthenospheric upwelling beneath the Hangai Dome, Mongolia”., Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 487, 1 April 2018, Pages 201- 209.

Batmagnai E., Sukhbaatar U. “Data processing of Lemi-418 magnetotelluric system of MAG-MTT magnetic observatory”, Geophysics and Astronomy Journal, 2017, № 4, 84-92.

M.Comeau, J. Kaufl, M. Becken, A. Kuvshinov, S. Demberel, U. Sukhbaatar, E. Batmagnai, Sh. Tserendug, T. Nasan-Ochir, “Electrical structure beneath the Hangai Dome: Mongolia: Magnetotelluric evidence for lithospheric melt and implications for uplift dynamics”. Geophysics and Astronomy Journal, 2017, № 4.

Sukhbaatar U., Batmagnai E. “The Hilbert-Huang and EMD method for processing of magnetic data”, Physics journal of NUM, 2015 № 21 440.


------- Proceeding Papers -------


Batmagnai E,  Friedemann Samrock,  Alexander V. Grayver, Alexey Kuvshinov, Martin O. Saar , Demberel Sodnomsambuu, Tserendug Shoovdor, Tsegmed Battuulai, Purevsuren Dorj, Oyuntsetseg Dolgorjaw. Deep-rooted geothermal system imaged by magnetotelluric survey. Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2020+1, Proc 2021,

Enkhzul B, Batmagnai E. 2-D Magnetotelluric investigation and its application. Khurel-togoot, Proc 2021

Purevsuren Dorj, Friedemann Samrock, Batmagnai Erdenechimeg., “Update of Geothermal Development of Mongolia”. (2020). Proceedings World Geothermal Congress

Batmagnai E., Sukhbaatar U. “The method of signal processing of the magnetotellurics”, Khurel togoot journal of Science academy, 2016.

Dr. Batmagnai Erdenechimeg (Ph.D.)
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