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Cenozoic Uplift and Volcanism of Hangai Dome, Central Mongolia Triggered by Lower Mantle Upwellings

The mechanisms of surface uplift of Hangai Dome (>2 km) and formation of Cenozoic intraplate volcanism in central Mongolia remain vigorously debated. Here we directly investigate the mantle transition zone (MTZ) structure beneath central Mongolia to explore whether the deep mantle geodynamical processes have played a role. Our results reveal significant MTZ thinning of 8–13 km in three subareas mainly caused by the uplifted 660-km discontinuity (∼10 km). In addition, the 410-km discontinuity is depressed beneath the Hangai Dome (∼6 km) and the northern portion of the study area (10–15 km). These observations provide direct evidences for intracontinental mantle upwellings from the lower to the upper mantle, causing

the Cenozoic uplift and basaltic volcanism of central Mongolia. Furthermore, these mantle upwellings are relatively sluggish compared to canonical mantle plumes based on the small magnitude of MTZ thinning and thus relatively moderate thermal anomaly within the MTZ (62–100 K).

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