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Dr. Turbold Sukhbaatar (Ph.D.)

Founder, Admin

Research Fellow at Czech Geological Survey

Dr. Sukhbaatar Turbold (Ph.D.) is a research-based geologist with some years of experience. He is experienced in research fields including regional geology, structural geology, petrology of magmatic and metamorphic rocks, and isotopic geochemistry. His research interest is mainly focused on an accretionary orogenic belt. For instance, his doctoral (Ph.D.) thesis was written based on the structural and tectonic-metamorphic characteristics of the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic subduction-accretion systems in southwestern Mongolia of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB). Using detailed multiple methods in geology, he contributed an understanding of some outstanding geological and geodynamic problems of Mongolian Altai in southwestern Mongolia and published an article in Tectonics. According to their interpretation (Sukhbaatar et al., 2022), the Mongolia Altai recorded 4 or more deformations and metamorphisms that correspond to the evolution of a long-lasting Paleo-Pacific Paleozoic subduction system and the tectonic switches of the internal modes of its own.

Skills and expertise:

- Isotope geochemistry
- Metamorphic Petrology
- Structural Geology
- Field Geology

First language:

- Mongolian

Speak languages:

- English


Date Joined:

- October 2017

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